Our team

Meet the divulge team!

Ron Berglund

Co-Founder & Co-ceo

Ron Berglund comes from a Japanese-American background and co-founded divulge amid the events of 2020 to advocate for understanding between all communities. Through divulge, he will aid in the fight to establish unity and in the struggle for equality. As an Emory University student, Ron strives to eventually become a nuclear engineer so he can innovate and revolutionize the nuclear industry. He will work to stop the climate crisis, which disproportionately affects marginalized groups.

Timethius J. Terrell

co-founder & co-ceo

Timethius is an African-American Emory University student and a co-founder of divulge. His involvement in the organization stemmed from his belief that people of all ethnic groups hold more cultural similarities than differences. His vision is for divulge to help more people come to this realization and build a more united world. In the future, he hopes to work as a contracting industrial-organizational psychologist, using his background in psychology, business, and various other disciplines to advocate for broader diversity and inclusion in international spaces.

The rest of the team will be coming soon to this page!