Our Story

The Discussion Disparity: Nearly 50% of White and Hispanic people responded that they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ talked about race relations with family and friends.

Why divulge

In 2020 several profound events occurred, most notably, the international COVID-19 crisis, and the protests against police brutality and racial injustice. The outbreak of COVID-19 exacerbated anti-Asian sentiments and hate crime, and the death of several black citizens has finally forced America to face its major flaws.

However, despite the rallying of many communities to fight injustice, we sadly observed that many tensions were erupting even between communities of color. If the system of oppression is to be defeated, these issues must be addressed so all communities can unify and fight for justice, freedom, and equity. 

divulge was created and based in the Atlanta region when two soon-to-be Emory University students met, finding that they both saw these issues and wanted to help end the divide between communities. Check Our Team page to learn more about the co-founders and see the entirety of the divulge team! 

While a majority of our content will be focused on American issues, our content will be available on the internet to the entirety of the world. We hope that our media and dialogue enlightens issues and encourages people to begin conversations in their community to repair relations and create unity. The truth will free all.

What We Do

We created divulge to promote activism through education and discussion. Our mission is to highlight the stereotypes, behaviors, and antiquated cultural traditions that cause division between and within various ethnic groups.

How We Take Action

We at divulge seek to promote conversations between multiple communities, ideologies, perspectives, social classes, ethnicities, and races to create awareness on intercommunity issues that causes turmoil and angst in society. This will be done by means of panel discussions, interviews, opinion pieces, informative media, and more.