Graphic Designers review and fulfill creative requests meant to enhance our online presence. Their primary roles are to assist the Executive Secretary in developing high-quality digital designs, ranging from casting notices and blog article promotions to general social media updates, flyers, and pitch decks. Graphic Designers commit to individual projects as they are announced.

General Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and fulfills creative requests
  • Develops informational graphics for social media
  • Produces digital artwork to enhance YouTube channel
  • Assists Secretary with developing monthly newsletter
  • Communicate organization’s mission with professional network
  • Remain updated on the organization’s general activities and trajectory
  • Attend 1-hour biweekly meetings and lead if Executive Director is absent

Estimated Time Commitment:

  • 1 to 3 hours per project


  • Strong interest in producing creative and high-quality content
  • No experience necessary!
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